There are select types of fishermen who strive to push themselves and their equipement to the limit. These fishermen have passion that demands more than ordinary fishing tackle. Only the highest-performing, most durable tackle will do. These fishermen have no tolerance for a rod, reel, line or any equipement that doesn't live up to the elements, or even worse — doesn't live up to the fish. These are Van Staal fishermen. These are whom the brand was created for.

In the early 1990's surf fishermen needed a reel that they could take into the sand, surf and salt — a reel they could depend on as they battle huge, migrating striped bass. For these fishermen, this meant getting out into tough conditions — into the sand and rocks and waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These fishermen needed a reel they could depend on — one that held up to the demands of casting big surf plugs or the strain of using heavy braided lines. Few people used tackle as hard or with such high expectations. They had no limits to what they would do, and they demanded their equipment respond the same way.

Van Staal is made for the fishing you dream of. It is a brand unique in all of fishing; built for the extremes, and exotic locations. For far away places with the most demanding elements, and challenging, remarkable, ultimate fish. Only the highest-performing, most durable tackle will do.

The original Van Staal surf reels (VS) are like no other reels. The body, spool and handle are all machined from solid bar stock 6061-T6511 aluminum. The center shaft and line roller are machined from solid titanium with a titanium-nitride coating. The main gear — the largest in the industry — and pinion gear are both machined from strong 416 HT stainless steel. The spiral bevel gear system is designed to handle great gear load and last a lifetime. No other reel has ever been built to be as strong, and to withstand the elements better than Van Staal. (Watch Video Here)

The entire line of Van Staal reels, pliers, rods and accessories are designed to the extreme, so you know they will not only handle — but conquer — anything you want to fish for, anywhere you want to go.

Every Van Staal reel (VS, VSB, C-VEX) incorporates a completely sealed, waterproof drag system that is able to stand up to the constant thrashing you expect them to take, and all Van Staal reels are anodized in black, gold or silver for a classic look and for saltwater protection. No other reel offers this combination of precision, power, strength, capacity, smoothness, gearing, durability and performance. If you could only have one reel for the rest of your life, make it a Van Staal.

Complimenting our reels, Van Staal rods are designed with the same level toughness. With quality Fuji® components including DPSH seats and Alconite or SiN guides, Van Staal rods are offered in strong stand-up models, Powerlite™ jigging models, and giant trevally models.

No other fishing tackle is as strong, as long lasting, or as versatile as Van Staal. Need more convincing? Watch This!